New mac mini design? Pure speculation

Mac Mini Design

While I’ve been intrigued by the latest Mac Pro design for a desktop machine, I couldn’t see purchasing one as a workstation. I just don’t have the need for that kind of high end machine at the moment. The thought occurred to me however, that if Apple were to apply the same design concept to the Mac Mini then the… Read more →

Using VMWare Fusion on OSX

I’ve been using VMWare’s Fusion product on my 1st gen Apple Macbook (2.0Ghz, 2GB ram, 160GB hard drive upgrade) sporadically now for about six months. I originally purchased the 1.0 version and was pleased when just a few weeks ago I found out that there was a free upgrade to 1.1 which included a few bug fixes. The original install… Read more →

# emerge osx-epic-fail

Gentoo Prefix Bootstrap Process for Mac OS X has a lengthy walkthrough on getting Gentoo‘s emerge package management system installed onto a Mac OSX system.  Naturally I had to give it a shot!  I’ve never worked with Gentoo before so I really had no idea what to expect from emerge. From a few conversations with a collegue I learned that… Read more →

The all macintosh network… almost

It’s probably no secret that I’ve turned into a huge mac fanatic… The recent acquisition of a mac mini puts the household total to four machines actively in use. It also means that my low-end machine, a Power Mac G4 PCI (Yikes!) is just sitting there, looking all forlorn and wanting to be put back into service. It occurred to… Read more →