Gmail IMAP missing

UPDATE:  Looks like it’s been re-enabled.  Hopefully for good.  Maybe they were upgrading the service. Looks like Google may be having some issues w/their IMAP services.  I noticed earlier that my palm pilot couldn’t access my gmail account via IMAP, producing a connection error.  When I log into my gmail settings, the IMAP section from the ‘Forwarding and Pop’ tab… Read more →

I keep my second brain in my pocket (usually)

(cross-posted from On any given day you will be hard pressed to find me without my trusty Palm T|X, neatly enshrined in its silver hard shell case. The standard stylus has been replaced with a multi-function stylus (the kind with a pen in the tip) Behind the T|X I’ve taped a small, modified clear plastic badge holder where I… Read more →