Gmail IMAP missing

UPDATE:  Looks like it’s been re-enabled.  Hopefully for good.  Maybe they were upgrading the service. Looks like Google may be having some issues w/their IMAP services.  I noticed earlier that my palm pilot couldn’t access my gmail account via IMAP, producing a connection error.  When I log into my gmail settings, the IMAP section from the ‘Forwarding and Pop’ tab… Read more →

# emerge osx-epic-fail

Gentoo Prefix Bootstrap Process for Mac OS X has a lengthy walkthrough on getting Gentoo‘s emerge package management system installed onto a Mac OSX system.  Naturally I had to give it a shot!  I’ve never worked with Gentoo before so I really had no idea what to expect from emerge. From a few conversations with a collegue I learned that… Read more →

Updated to WordPress 2.5

Well I didn’t exactly update the site per se.  I moved Intuition & Elbow Grease to a new server and in the process upgraded to the latest version of WordPress.   I created a new database and installed the code fresh (i.e. I performed a ‘new’ install) and then restored my posts from an exported xml file from the old site. … Read more →